Stunt Pilot 4

I have to admit, it is very difficult to match Stunt Pilot 3 or even overtake it. However, there is always room for improvement as Stunt Pilot 4 set the stage for.

The Game play is extremely simple for Stunt Pilot IV in that the controls are really easy to control and you even have a buttons that allow you to go diagonal up and down by using the “A” key to go diagonal up and the “K” key to go diagonal down, which makes the game have a lot more flexibility than it used to have. Stunt Pilot IV is full of surprises as it also contains several different airplanes that one is allowed to use.

This game consist of Boeing 747s, B-35’s and even F-36’s, better known as one of the Air Force’s newest weapon with the laser tag inserted for better long term vision of the targets that one has to accomplish and get through to get to the later levels.

The “create your own mission” game play has also been updated in that you can know choose the states and areas that you want to fly your aircraft in to go along with the wind speeds and overall power of the surface that you are flying through.

The game is also being modified to include more than 4 tries per session. This game is giving users a chance to learn the game on the fly by giving them 7 turns per session to ensure that the time spent learning how to be a pilot isn’t wasted as much.

Most people playing for the first time get the hang of it after around 3 to 4 tries so instead of making life last that long, it will last 7 tries per session to give new players time to play and learn the game at the same time without having to start all over again, which I have to admit kind of discourages play some of the time, but if you like to be challenged, then this is your game.


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