Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco

Stunt Pilot II is a way more advanced and entertaining game than Stunt Pilot I for many reasons. For one, Stunt Pilot one user controls was kind of hard to get used to unless you’re an airplane buff or just flat out great. You needed superior focus skills for the first game and will need it for the second game as well.

The Stunt Pilot San Francisco game is really fun even though I still have a strong dislike for only 3 chances per session and that is something that I would definitely change. Unlike number 1, this game gives you the options to fly into and around San Francisco from quite a few different directions as opposed to just one.

The great thing about this game is that it even gives you the chance to fly into a city for once and not some sleazy deserts like the first one, albeit the first one was still challenging for the most part.

To this game’s credit though, I have to say that I absolutely dig the newer camera angles that this game has to offer and it is certainly tailor made for a game of this genre and magnitude. The newer camera angle make it much easier to navigate for beginners like me and makes the game look 10x more realistic than the prior and original game to this one.

Now, it is still much harder than it looks. The buttons are still sort of complex when it comes to hitting and fitting through the beach ball targets, but it is a bit easier than the original Stunt Pilot.


This game gives you the same amount of life as the original but it is much easier with the angles of such to hit the targets. I would give this a thumbs up and a recommend even if it has a ways to go to get to some sort of perfection.



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Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco, 8.1 out of 10 based on 14 ratings