Stunt Pilot 1

This awesome aerobatics game is one of the finest flying games that I have ever come across on the internet. Firstly, the controls are very easy to navigate, albeit a challenge to maintain the airplane for a period of time. That challenge right there is a plus because it puts you into the mode of what a real life pilot has to endure and believe me when I say it can get very tough in the later stages of the game.

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Level 1 is pretty simple for the most part in that you have to simply have the skill to keep the airplane going and for points, you have to make sure the aircraft is staying steady, instead of up and down as it is very easy to crash the plane making you say those unkind words that we say from time to time. The skill level for this game is pretty intense even though it is not hard to navigate, but more so that it is VERY easy to crash. The aircraft and the aerobatics of the airplanes that the game features is really impressive to say the least.

Level 2 is definitely way more difficult than Level 1 obviously and for many reasons. For one, not only is the Afghanistan looking scene is enough to divert your attention like Level 1, the aircraft gets a bit harder to control. The rings draw closer together and have the up and down feel to it, which is difficult for any pilot to control when navigating airplanes (well, maybe not the experts….but you get the point).

The tough part in Level 2 is having the skill to keep the plane going at a steady loop, unless you’re good unlike yours truly. Flying this aircraft on this level I have to admit is really fun because of the constant losing, it certainly keeps you coming back.

One last note about Level 2 is I passed it after 6 tries and that was purely luck. One cool feature about this game is that while all hope may appear to be lost while trying to go through the loops (beach balls as I call them), you can always go through three at a time and circle back around while maneuvering the aircraft accordingly, instead of doing it all at one time (unless you want a big time challenge). I actually won this way believe it or not.

I am amazed at the aerobatics of this game as flying these airplanes can certainly make you feel as if you were in some sort of air show.

Just when one could think it could not get any tougher than Level 2, it does. For all of you airplane buffs out there, Level 3 will get your attention, I’d say undivided attention. When taking a quick glance at the level, a bad joke hit my mind (this game can’t be serious with this one…but…). This level requires that you maneuver the aircraft under and over the loops, err beach balls…err, rings. That was no easy task and this time, unlike the other levels;you cannot get through them by simply hitting the over, up, or down keys.

You have to fly either under and over or over and under, which was borderline impossible for me to do. The amount of skill that this level presents is mind-boggling and this level is certainly why aircraft freaks like me play. Like golf, the screw-ups keep you coming back and I guarantee this one will keep a lot of you gamers coming back because the challenge on this level alone is worth playing.

I don’t think anyone could beat this level on the first try…but if you do, give yourself a big pat on the shoulder because then you’ve earned it! The latter levels all consist of the make-up of Levels 1, 2, and 3 combined, yeah challenging and impossible for a guy like me to get a handle of. I couldn’t make it past Level 3; just imagine how hard it is to get to Level 42! Stunt Pilot is a GREAT time killer and I think it is worth a try and it was fun to crash, well maybe not.

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