Scary Maze Game World

Many years ago, a game called “Scary Maze Game” was released. It became super popular within days. People were sending it to their friends in order to prank them. And guess what – it worked really well! This game looks innocent at first – just a maze. But after playing it for a minute or two – something scary happens. A witch pops on the screen and SCREAMS!

Since then, many other scary maze games were released. It can be hard to find all of them (especially the old ones) – but trust me – all of them are available online for free. I have to admit that I played the first Scary Maze Game many times, but still – it scares me each time.

scary mazew

If you plan on pranking your friends with this game – I recommend making sure their speakers will work (on high volume). If they will be turned off – they probably won’t be even scared! I personally pranked almost all my friends, and only one person did not get scared.

Few months ago I also discovered that you can play the Scary Maze Game on your smartphone for free. To be honest, I did not think that this game can be scary on a smartphone (because of the screen size) – but I was wrong. I already pranked few people using this app and my Android smartphone. I do want to mention that the mobile versions of the scary maze game are really good – there are many levels.


So, what are you waiting for? Send your friends a link to the scary maze game and see them jump and shout! As I mentioned, you can also prank them on the go, just download the mobile version of the game (it will work on Android and iPhone smartphones – which is great!). It is completely free and the app itself is super easy to use.

Oh, and by the way – make sure to check videos on YouTube showing people playing Scary Maze game, and getting scared! Some of these videos are priceless! I will attach one of my favorite videos here. I wish I filmed my friend playing the game and getting scarred afterwards. I am sure that my videos would receive millions of views !

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